Bulk Upload for WordPress (1.1)

Ever wanted to upload multiple pictures to your wordpress blog from your phone or tables but found that your other blogging applications does not support it and that the web UI is too clunky? Look no further. The Bulk Uploader for WordPress is doing exactly what you need. Uploading multiple images with a couple of taps. Log in, select your images and upload. No bloat and no ads.


  • Log into your WordPress site (XMLRPC must be enabled)
  • Save login information in the app for quicker login next time you use it
  • Select multiple images you want to upload
  • Upload selected images.


Simulator Screen Shot Jul 10, 2016, 12.23.04 PM Simulator Screen Shot Jul 10, 2016, 12.23.39 PM


Roadmap/Wish list

  • A better representation of image uploadsĀ Included in v1.1
  • Store multiple blogs.
  • Show progress of images being uploaded
  • Allow retry by tapping on failed upload


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