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Sunday of text

Sunday of text

It’s been a while since I’ve had any needs of sitting by the computer and write any code. I just haven’t felt the need of doing it, or have I thought that it would’ve been fun. Idk, I guess that I’ve just lost the fun part of developing.

Anyways, some days ago I received a new phone from the company I work for. I’ve had an iPhone 3GS since it was released and it is starting to fall apart. This time I got to choose an Android phone, and the choice came down to HTC Incredible S, which is absolutely a cool phone. And Android is such a cool operating system. I really get what people mean when they say that they feel locked in with Apples iOS. Without jail breaking it, you don’t get all the nice stuff you might want, like the widgets, bit torrent client, SCP data transfer and all the media codecs. The list comes quite long if we’re suppose to write everything down what Android has and what iOS doesn’t, so lets skip it.

I still like iOS though, it’s really a great operating system as well.

So, after using the Android OS for a while I decided to look into the development environments of it. I knew it was based on Java, which I’m not too fond of, not due to it’s language, but to the performance, if it wasn’t running on Windows, it was terribly slow. But for Android, I was completely wrong, It responds fast, and it reminds a lot of C# (duh). So today I decided to do something for Android, just to see how it works. I chose to make an Tabata, or Interval sprint timer, that give you a honk on the horn when to sprint or to rest. From idea to working app in the phone was about 5 hours. I’m amazed how fast it went, for not having done too much development in the last months.

Below you can find a video of the result (P.s my writing feels like crap, it’s been a while since I expressed my mind on the keyboard 🙂 D.S):








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