Debian in Virtualbox

In the Swedish linux community, it’s quite common to experience linux by:

  1. Install ubuntu/opensuse/mint
  2. Fix the lack of mp3/mkv/h264/xvid blabla support
  3. Install virtualbox
  4. Test distributions
  5. Brag about the ones you installed (especially Debian)

It’s always good to try out different flavors, till you find the one the match your needs and requirements. It is also always good for people that’s creating the different distributions as it often generates feedback. If not directly towards the developers, then at least a comment about it on the web will be made in most cases. This means indirect feedback plus the growth of Linux overall.

When it comes to myself, I’ve never been much of a distribution tester. Sure, I’ve installed quite many over my 6 years running Linux. Such as Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Fedora, Slackware, Arch, Crux and so on. But I have always tried them out fairly, in the meaning that none of them have been in a Virtualbox just to test the installation and the mp3 support in the chosen distribution. To me, the most importance thing is how productive I am.

Anyways, what I was going to say is that I made my first Virtualbox+Debian installation today (yay, my time to shine!!). To me Debian has always seemed to be this quite advanced installation to get it up and running, according to what Swedish users express on the web. . But today, I realized that it’s just as simple as installing it’s buddy Ubuntu. Why do people brag about this?

The true reason for why I chosed Debian, and more important installing via Virtualbox is because of the recent Appartment change me and my darling made I’ve only set up the MacMini as my working station. The PC is now standing doing nothing, and I’m too lazy to insert all the cables, hehe :). Also, it’s the recommended distribution by the company that I work for. Therefor it felt naturally to install Debian!

This entry was never to start a Flame war between distributions, they are all good. It all just depends on your needs.

And if any Virtualbox distribution tester feels pointed out or accused inappropriately, then I apologize. I never meant to sound negative, rude or wiseacre.


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