Pushbullet integration for Axis devices

Beta 0.1 available here: Push_trigger_0_1_mipsisa32r2el (Artpec-4 devices only)


Device image sent through PushBullet

Hi everyone,

Some time ago (last month according to picture) I needed to have images pushed out to my phone from an Axis device. There are multiple ways of doing this already like using a VMS mobile software.

However, I didn’t need a full featured solution that can view recordings or anything like that. I just wanted to see what was going on by the representation of One image. I did some investigation on what can be done on iPhones and Androids, and there’s some various choices available.

Pushover.net is easy. Free on the web and the app is a couple of bucks. Their API support HTTP as well which makes it easy to integrate in an ACAP environment. The only downside of pushover is that it can’t send images. Only text and HTTP links. The only one I found who can push images is pushbullet.com – hence the integration.

Feel free to use it, I haven’t tested it too much but it seems to work good 🙂

Installation steps:

  1. Download push bullet on your phone and set up an account at pushbullet.com
  2. Take note of your Access Token (once registered) here https://www.pushbullet.com/account
  3. Install the ACAP app on a ARTPEC-4 with firmware version 5.60+ on it
  4. Enter the Access Token into the User token field in the App settings
  5. Star the application
  6. Create an event (Motion detection or any trigger you’re interested in) that sends an internal HTTP message to:\
  7. Test the trigger. Do you receive a picture in your pushbullet app?


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